Monday, February 21, 2011

AffiliateWholesales - Electronic Gadgets at Wholesale Prices

Attention Electronic Gadgets Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers, Affiliate Marketers, Manufacturers !

We Buy, We Sell, We Give Back !

Do you know someone who is looking to buy an Electronic Gadget? Send them our website and earn additional 5% of the profit on every item SOLD as a result of your direct efforts.

You will now earn Passive Cash Flow on every item we sell in your referrals account !

Upgraded partners make more !

How it works ?

You may deposit funds to upgrade. We then divide your desposit by $20.

Each $20 will be applied to inventory we buy or advertise as a group.

When an item is SOLD the group of buyers will share 20% of the total.

Let's say we buy an Electronic Gadget for $200 and sell it for $400.

10 members would deposit $20 USD to buy this item.

Total Profit = $200

- 20% = $40 / 10 = $4.00 (divided by 10 members)

- 10% = $20 / 10 = $2.00 (Paid out to Affiliate Members)

- 70% = $140 (This is how much AffiliateWholesales makes)

Watch This Affiliate Training Video Below !

Buy Sell Give Back !

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